Macromastia Gigantomastia Specialty Soft Cup Wireless Bra

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Our facility will be closed for maintenance and holidays from Nov 15 to Nov 30, 2022. We will see you soon!

Due to the complexity and unique nature of these types of bras, it can take 4-6 weeks for us to develop and create your bra(s). Re-orders of the same sizes may be faster if you are a repeat customer, as we would already have your pattern(s) on file. If you have any questions, please contact us. We thank you for your patience!

ZA+ bra cup sizes and bra bands from 24 to 64 (approx. 60 cm-160 cm bands UK/Europe). Bras for gigantomastia (breast hypertrophy) and macromastia.

Please contact us for more information prior to ordering as additional measuring instructions are required as well as a free, helpful consultation.

All bras made in Canada.

Measuring Instructions Here We will contact you with additional measuring instructions as well.

Full cup vertical seams plus powerbar for ultimate lift and natural shaping. This design lifts and centers, minimizing east-westing.

  • Lined soft fabric cups for good modesty, excellent support and long-wearing shape retention.
  • Ultimate comfort with very little stitching facing the body inside. Excellent for sensitive skin.
  • Back smoothing firm elastic band for long lasting shape retention with adjustable bra straps and multiple 3 hook back fastener, depending on size.

Cup fabric made in USA 100% Polyester
Ribbons made in Switzerland
Thread made in Germany
Lace, hook/eyes, band and elastics (all nylon) made in China
Eco-friendly dyes done in-house

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