Website Updates October 2023

Our website has been overhauled! Here are all of the new features we are excited to offer:

New Bra Size Calculator

A long awaited addition, we are excited to share our new Canadian bra size calculator with you. Simply enter your measurements and discover your size; no guesswork or estimating required. You can even convert the bra size of other bras you own! Simply measure each bra following our instructions and enter them into the calculator. You will find bra sizes 24AA to 66ZZZZ in our calculator.

New Customer Portals

Say hello to our new refitting portal! Use it to get refitted if something isn’t quite right with your order. You can also submit returns, exchanges and refunds.

We are also excited to announce a new MacroCouture portal specially designed for those with macromastia and breast hypertrophy, complete with new measuring illustrations and streamlined instructions. The MyFit portal has also been updated.

Our sizing page has revised instructions and refreshed illustrations to make the fitting process smoother and easier to follow. Have suggestions for how we can improve our instructions? Tell us here.

Reorganized Store

Bra size and specialty have always been at the core of our offerings; our store menu now reflects this with a prominent “shop by size” structure. Explore the new layout. Our FAQs now reflect our newest shipping information as well, which you can find here.

New Blog

We are excited to present our new blog with bra education, discussions, releases and more! This will be the dedicated location for all of the knowledge we have on bras and beyond. Explore here.

Be Your Valentine.

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